Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On to Montreal!

Well, number one Son is now a Montréalais; Sunday we dumped him in a shared student-style flat in a very classic Montreal neighborhood .


Accompanied by the good McDuff, who had come along to help me control my emotions (too much joy can be dangerous while driving long distances), I headed off to the Captain's.   After a brief return to parental responsibility ("Dad, could you drive me out to Ikea?"  Thankfully Rob lives nearby)  we settled down to mark the passage of hurricane Irene with a festival of games.  For the first time I played Wings of War and a member of the DBx family (HOTT in this case) as well as a German-style rail building game called Transamerica.  I'll not paste many pictures of games and figures here (although Rob's Burgundians are lovely) -- I am sure you will find some pictures elsewhere.

History, wargame stories and game design were heavily discussed in the twelve hour drive there, and on the return trip.  All in all, a very enjoyable weekend break.

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  1. It was an enjoyable day and evening of gaming and conversation. Looks like I need new glasses from the way I was squinting into the camera.