Sunday, August 7, 2011

Progress Report

The scorecard for this week

  • Interpolated mass, temperature and luminosity for all stars with complete spectral data
  • Complete painting (but not basing since I do not have the rules yet) for a 15mm SF unit.
  • Pictures of one 10mm ~SYW unit
  • Revise ground scale for Mars-la-Tour and write "scale" section for rules

If I were at work, we would certainly be talking "red project" about now.  So, how did I do in detail?

The star data interpolate is actually getting close.  I have to:
  1. Add "extrapolators" to accommodate the end cases for each luminosity class.  Alternatively, I could plug the data to make sure that my extreme ends are covered.  That might actually be simpler.
  2. Develop data outside of the Main Sequence.
  3. Sort out "R", "N" and similar secondary types - where do they fit in the more-or-less smooth curve of each luminosity class.
We'll leave this one on the books, but I think it will probably be more like two weeks.

No paint touched the SF platoon, but I did magnetize, label and photograph a 10mm German infantry battalion for BKC.  This project will get a website when I have some non-fascist units to include.  I really have quite a large army, but this is the 1st explicitly organized battalion.

I wrote one (really easy) rules section and blogged the Bravant artillery.  The "document 10mm unit" target is a gimme until I run out of labelled units; still, I should do something more entertaining with these lads.

I also found yet more forgotten FPW figures.

So for next week:
  • Code complete and tested interpolator for Main Sequence only.
  • Finish painting an incomplete unit for some army - I have got to get the FPW French going along.
  • Catch up labeling on existing Bravant units and blog both another unit and some kind of army list.
  • Write another section of the Mars la Tour rules.

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