Sunday, September 4, 2011

Intermediate Report

I'm on a bit of a "put it together" kick this weekend, in anticipation of a good priming opportunity in a couple of weeks.  First, I assembled all of my pending Romanian armor.  I expect a couple more pieces this week, but after months in a drawer they are started.

I've also mounted my long suffering WWII aircraft

I'll have close-ups when the bases are flocked and labelled; they are all 1:300 Heroics and Ros.  I gave up looking for an affordable 1:144 Strumovik.  Lots of JU87s out there, but...

Anyway, I think these will work well over the table.

Likewise my BKA "Floating Tank."  Needs a wash and assemble; the main gun mantlet disappeared (it was in the box, my fault) so I grabbed the turret of a 1:144 T-34/76.  I'll have to check some cammo patterns for this one.  The MG turrets have fiddly little barrels -- this is a real model-makers kit so I am expected to cut them out of wire.  I don't think so.

By the end of the long weekend, I will have a couple more units organized and blogged for the WWII, and may even have some more enlightenment units up.

In real life, number 2 son is now in university residence, so the nest is empty.

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