Sunday, August 21, 2011

So, how did we do this week?

Well, I have actually labelled two Soviet units (410 Rifle Regiment and 119 Separate Tank Regiment); however I have lost the light here to photograph either them or the Romanians.  I will try to make that happen early this week; then my WWII armies will have their own blog.

I also now have a new time waster -- The Operational Art of War is a multi-scenerio operational warfare engine.  The interface looks like a good old fashioned hex map boardgame, but the internal engine is quite bit more sophisticated.  I think the sweet spot is WII, but it has scenarios available from the ECW up to the cold war.  It also has a powerful scenario editor and a very active community so the replay value should be pretty good.

I will be out of touch next weekend while I take #1 son to university in Montreal; but I will post here if I make progress before or after that.

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