Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love, Hate and twenty-eight (mm that is)

As I posted on my renaissance blog I am working on my first 28mm figures in a very long time.  As a result they are hard work; which gets me wondering if they are worth the effort.  Slow to produce, had to transport, all sorts of downside.  But two things recently are making me think they are indeed what I want to start next.
  1. Most have my friends have at least one 28mm (or larger) unit in their display case, and they look greatQuite frankly, I want to be in the club.
  2. I am considering an (OK, two, can't have a game without two) Italian armies for about 1480 (the year the Turks held Otranto).  The very best 15mm figures for this period are Mirliton.  But once you factor in price including postage, for orders less than $100 they are running over $1 a figure; similar economics apply if you order from their UK dealer.  And that does not factor in HST which I will not be able to dodge for registered mail -- both vendors demand that for large orders, and I cannot say I blame them.  But at these prices, Perry Plastics start to look quite economical.  Because they have sane postage on orders around $40 I can bring in a few at a time.  I am not rushing, so I can paint them as I get them.
So, why not?  As long as I am not in a rush, I can collect Perry figures (and 28mm from other vendors) and slowly accumulate the army I want.  And, honestly, I wonder at seeing 28mm as large, since I regularly play 40mm games with Ross.

Anyone out there still play 28mm ancients?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fortune's Wheel

Well, my unpainted 18th century figures are carefully inventoried and packed away.  I have a few regiments painted and based but not magnetized and store; a project for this weekend.

They will be back.  I have stopped being frustrated by my cycles of interest and simply made it an element of self-awareness. 

In the meantime, I am focusing on the late Italian Renaissance - a process I will document my Italia Mia blog.

I am also trying to get my workspace into better order.  Among other things, that means packing away "second string" books on every subject.  I would love to have more bookshelves, but in the meantime I have to be realistic about what I actually need access too -- without cutting myself off from whatever subject Fortuna raises to the top next!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All-project satus update

This is the grand status of everything list for now.  I am working lately to manage costs, so projects where everything is in hand will get some measure of priority.

Status entries are:
  • Active-A: Everything in place (or as described), has my attention, and know what to do.
  • Active-B: Everything in place (or as described), I know what to do, and it is talking to me but I am not as excited as I am about Active-A projects.
  • Waiting:  Some clearly defined prerequisite not met.
  • Stalled: At the bottom of Fortuna's wheel at the moment, but this can change unpredictably.
  • / G-R: Game Ready - I could put on a game for these right now.
Topic Activity Status Plans  Cost 
Renaissance 28mm Active-A First test figure to complete in a couple of days.  Will order plastics in late august $60
Renaissance RPG Active-A Have GURPS for framework.  Must recast skills, etc to period and test.  
18th Century Armies Active-B / G-R  I have a large stock of primed miniatures ready to paint.  I do need more 30mm square bases.  On order are the two redoubts I need for one of the fixed defense scenarios.  I do need to think about rules; figure oriented hearts of tin is not working for me but as a framework most of the rules are fine $30
FPW Campaign Active-B A proof of concept campaign is an active project.  I am unsure of environment  
18th Century Naval Stalled 3 ships assembled and primed, but just not talking to me.  
ECW 28mm Stalled Should either paint for FoG:R or sell.  Or paint then sell.  
SF 15mm Stalled Nice figures, just not into the project.  I also have no "opposing" forces. $50
SF Campaign Stalled Processing of the star data not interesting me at the moment  
SF Ships Stalled May just do these as a modeling project.  Simpler without 3D considerations.  
WWII 10mm Stalled / G-R Several bits ready to go, red cavalry primed.  Will be re-basing mg, mortar, light AT to 30mm frontage - bases in hand except for 30mm square also needed for C18  
WWII Rules Stalled Have FFT3 in hand, looks good.  Just not talking to me..  
18th Century Campaign Waiting Will develop concepts with other situations.  
FPW MlT6x4 Waiting Bases for first lot should arrive next week.  Will probably go to Active-B.  Could organize unprimed figures, have many primed.  ~$200 
Renaissance 15mm Waiting Rebasing to FoG:R.  Rules and references ordered, money in PayPal for pendraken bases to order tomorrow.  Will go to Active-A when parts are in.