Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love, Hate and twenty-eight (mm that is)

As I posted on my renaissance blog I am working on my first 28mm figures in a very long time.  As a result they are hard work; which gets me wondering if they are worth the effort.  Slow to produce, had to transport, all sorts of downside.  But two things recently are making me think they are indeed what I want to start next.
  1. Most have my friends have at least one 28mm (or larger) unit in their display case, and they look greatQuite frankly, I want to be in the club.
  2. I am considering an (OK, two, can't have a game without two) Italian armies for about 1480 (the year the Turks held Otranto).  The very best 15mm figures for this period are Mirliton.  But once you factor in price including postage, for orders less than $100 they are running over $1 a figure; similar economics apply if you order from their UK dealer.  And that does not factor in HST which I will not be able to dodge for registered mail -- both vendors demand that for large orders, and I cannot say I blame them.  But at these prices, Perry Plastics start to look quite economical.  Because they have sane postage on orders around $40 I can bring in a few at a time.  I am not rushing, so I can paint them as I get them.
So, why not?  As long as I am not in a rush, I can collect Perry figures (and 28mm from other vendors) and slowly accumulate the army I want.  And, honestly, I wonder at seeing 28mm as large, since I regularly play 40mm games with Ross.

Anyone out there still play 28mm ancients?


  1. Lentelus

    I have 28mm medievals (El CId era spanish and moors) with a mix of Perry and Gripping Beast. But my budget no longer lets me go that route, so I have shifted to Perry and Victrix plastics for my War of 1812 project. I will add metals as required to add the chrome not available in plastics.

    Sounds like a plan, and sounds fun and I expect that there will be more plastics available in the future. I'd also keep an eye out for GW plastic Empire troops which could be fit into the plan as Landsnechts.



  2. 28mm? Nope, but I suppose 25mm medieval's which might serve as might the 25mm Turks I started last year. Given scale creep though, my Elastolin 40's might be closer in size!

  3. I love my 28's. Got numerous armies and I think they look great on the table