Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fleet's In!!

I just received a trial order of 1:2400 Napoleonic ships from Tumbling Dice.  They look good so far.

This is ASN-3 (a 100 gun second rate) just out of the pack.  The cast in masts and ratlines were a surprise, but I do not mind being saved the assembly.

The first rules I will try is Fire as She Bears! which Ross tried at Historicon a while ago.

Like my 10mm Seven Years War these will be imaginations fleets for Bravant and Albion.


  1. I purchased a few years back the Forged in Battle Trafalgar Fleet packs on eBay at quite a savings. they are 1/3000th scale and I have actually assembled and started to paint (primed anyway) the British Fleet.

  2. They are pretty things. What are you thinking of for rules?

  3. I have the old (very) Heart of Oak, as well as the Trafalgar rules. Failing that is the Wooden Ships and Iron Men, AH board game and substituting inches for hexes, or MU. My stands are 40mm bases.