Saturday, September 24, 2016

Impending retirement

In less than a month I will be done with work.  That means my extra curricular projects, which had depended on my having something resembling energy at the end of a long day, will get a boost.

In that spirit, I am setting some objectives for now to 2019.  This is the hobby list only!  I have lots of other real life things like getting my Italian up to scratch.  Here we go!

By June 2019:

  • Start running regular sessions of a Renaissance Florence GURPS campaign.  This can start purely pen and paper without computer support, but will be platform one for my GURPS software projects.
  • Release version 1 of my GURPS Character Management Tool on a platform that is web-accessible to my players.  Must be able to create and update characters for the Renaissance game.
  • Rebase my 10mm WWII to smaller infantry bases and start gaming with a set of company-level rules.
  • Start regular games used Might and Reason with my 10mm Imagination figures.  No rebasing allowed.
  • Play at least one WWII East Front game all the way through.  It probably won't be FiTE, but the Columbia East Front is a good candidate.
  • Paint my 1:3000 late C19 naval and play at least one game.
By December 2019
  • At least two significant enhancements to the GURPS tools including session-time ref and player features.
  • Prepare a system neutral sourcebook for central Italy in the renaissance.
  • Paint a significant proportion of my 25mm Perry Wars of the Roses and RPG figures for the Renaissance game,
  • Paint my 6mm Wars of the Roses and base for Impetus as Italian armies.

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