Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Well, the sorting and stacking worked out.  No miniatures parted with, but over 60kg of junk to the landfill and the room in a state where the cleaners are able to keep it reasonably dust-free.

I have not since returned to gaming, although I am looking at painting a couple of 28mm figures over the next few weeks as a form of relaxation.  If I do, I will post the results here.

Most of my free time has shifted to work at the church - Saint Vincent de Paul, choir, Alpha - and spending time with friends.  My reading is almost all a slightly more literary fiction (lots of Tracy Chevalier; but all detailed on my goodreads page).  I also spent much of last fall baking bread, and will probably return to baking when the weather cools down here again.  I've also found a great hummus recipe!

I have continued to pursue my studies of Renaissance history and over the next week or so will try using yet another blog page to organize my notes and references.  Not a perfect tool for the purpose, but readily available wherever I am.  The 6sided blog pages seem to has disappeared, but I had little enough there.  The other hobby pages I will leave linked for reference, and because who knows when I might  return to them?

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  1. It's good to hear from you again. Have you moved house, or just remodelling?
    I enjoy baking bread as well in my spare time, and if you can find a used copy, I heartily recumbend James Beard's book Beard on Bread - indispensable and a great trove of recipes.