Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boy, its been a long time

As you have probably guessed, my interests have been very differently focused since June of 2013.  I will probably not blog much about that, since really it is from a very different place than the audience of the few folks who do visit these pages.

I am making these notes as an aid-memoir for myself.  It is time to clear out the dead projects.  Not that some might not com eback to life, but so I will have a bit more space for - well, not so much active projects as a saner life. 

The objective:
  • All retained materials in conventional out-of-the-way storage.
  • No new storage furniture or space - I will fit it in the space I have, except for a few things that make sense elsewhere.
  • No under-table storage in the new world order.
The method:
  • Make material to be re-stored evident.  Out from under the tables it comes!
  • Clear easy wins - I am keeping some candidate storage containers surplus to needs, that sort of thing.  Ditch all that.
  • Tools in the garage.  Since I am not actively crafting, they can go in a storage bin elsewhere.
  • Clear expired stock.  Eliminate all but basic supplied of paint, brushes, etc.  When I can take the time to go back to miniatures, I will be able to buy new supplies.
  • Compress.  Get stackable bins and fill them TIGHT with the stuff that should be kept but will not be re-accessed until I go back to miniatures. 
  • To a good home, the projects which will be retired for good.  This includes all 28mm except the one totally painted figure, all the non-Renaissance 15mm, and 10mm besides not-SYW and WWII.  I will keep the 6mm FPW just in case,but clear out the unpainted 10mm FPW.
  • I will ALSO downsize the library; military SF and fantasy are especially vulnerable.  I will need to reorg the large bookcase (it is big enough for boxes) to be storage instead.  There will be double-shelving!
 Lets see how it works.  I'll check back in in a couple of weeks.


  1. Welcome back. Hopefully there will be a time when the toys can come back out of boxes to give you pleasure.

  2. Not to mention giving your friends pleasure :)

    Still sounds like an appropriate plan.

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)