Friday, July 29, 2011

Trying to make sense of too many projects

I now officially have way to many projects in the air. In order of most recent effort I have

  1. 15mm SF for Ambush Alley's "Tomorrow's War" - a slow project since the game isn't out yet.  As I finish units and paint them up, I will blog the results and once the game is released I will post AARs.  
  2. Yet Another Future History.  Currently this project is mostly software development; it has been absorbing most of my time for May and June.  It has the virtues of cheapness -- it's just software, and I am writing it.  It will will go forward and still at a good pace, but I want to get back from it being 100% the only project.
  3. My space fleet.  This is sort of on hold until I have a bit more future history for the ships to do battle in.
  4. Mars La Tour on 6x4.  Needs to move from hand-wavy speculation to ready-to-play troopers.  Decisions and painting required.
  5. My 10mm Not-the-Seven-Years-War armies  This is actually my most recently used force, but aside from a few photobucket albums is not really documented.  It is part way though labeling, and has half finished units.
  6. My 10mm late war WWII East Front/Great Patriotic War.  Pithead is about to release the key Romanians  tank destroyers I need (that being the wargamer's version of the word need), Pendraken now has Red Army Men in pilotka hats (because helmets are not truly manly), and the force deserves to be organized into formations and labelled as such.  Its a good sized force for BKC that has seen some good use and should see more.
  7. My 15mm Renaissance - Lovely figures, mostly painted by Ross.  They have unfinished bases, and many are not even based yet.  Shame!!!
  8. My 6mm SF for FWC.  Honest to God, the figures are here somewhere.
  9. 28mm ECW - at least one regiment.
So, how to push some sense out of this? I mean, so many lovely figures and cool ideas; so little time!  Lets set a target, on a weekly basis.  We will try this:

Each week I will:
  • Paint one unit to completion for one of the FPW, ~SYW, 15mm SF or East Front.
  • Document two completed units for one of the above; including labeling the bases.
  • Complete one significant step in programming the star map for my future history.
  • Write one rule for Mars la Tour - note, however, that I allow that a single rule may be rewritten many times.
The week will end when I go to bed the night before the first regular working day of the next week.  I will record progress here and also post longer-term time-activated plans here.  And then we will see how I make progress, and you can all mock my lack of it.

This is a runt week, so my objectives will be interpolated mass, temperature and luminosity for all stars with complete spectral data, a starting coat on my first 15mm SF platoon, and pictures of one 10mm ~SYW unit.


  1. Good luck on the grand scheme. I've never been able to master paint one unit, a week.


  2. Good luck. I hope you can do it. It would be an inspiration to me. And my projects.


  3. of my reasons for starting a keep track of my work that I´d posted on the web (now it´s all in one place ) and to keep track on my projects....
    I look forward to you posting your work as you go along

  4. "Dispersion! Ach! Gross Malheur!" -but the bane of most wargamers, it seems.
    Good luck with your 'disciplined' approach!

    Being a 'tricorne' fan, I follow "Enlightenment Imaginings" and added a link to it on my own blog.