Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh, My, more figures!

Well, the good news is that I have made decent progress so far - still one day off left and I have got a base coat on my SF lads, posted some cavalry thoughts on the FPW blog and started a blog for my enlightenment imagine-nations.  Just some programming to go.

The other news is far from bad news, but I have just discovered a complete unopened shipment from Pendraken including 3 lovely tumbril carts from the ECW range and the SYW carriage, Wolfe and Montcalm from the FIW range and lots of other command packs.  Good stuff, but shows the work required to get the ~SYW force to where in deserves to be.

I also remembered that I have some 1:600 RCW river warfare ships I have done nothing with -- this is not a retired project, I will get them going at some point.

I do think I need to mull over my objectives and sort them out so I can know when I get there.  No wargame army is ever really "done" but I can set some "phase one" targets.