Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trying a rotation

I have not been finishing very much lately, or really more than getting a few things started.  I want to change that; so here is my plan:
  1. Make progress on one project from a core list at least every second night
  2. Spend no more than two nights in a row on any one project
The core projects will be:
  1. The Renaissance - one of novel, background for RPG (and novel), 15mm basing or 28mm painting.  Any of these will count, but just reading will not.
  2. WWII - produce a plan to complete organization, re-base units that should be on smaller stands, and in general get going.  
  3. Science Fiction - work on the data or game models for an SF campaign, or on an SF novel set in the same future history. 
  4. Any of FPW, spaceship gaming, 6mm or 15mm SF gaming, 10mm not-SYW, or just reading what takes my fancy (but with a blog entry about the book).
On the personal side, my radical new diet has let me bring my blood sugar under control for the first time in ages so I might actually have the energy to follow along with this.

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