Sunday, July 1, 2012

Choices for an "alpha test" game

I think I will get far more done in the context of a trial game than I would thinking abstractly.  My first thought on a test game is the "Imperial Phase" of the Franco-Prussian war.  It is
  • geographically confined, 
  • fast paced, 
  • has many potential actors, 
  • can be expanded into a wider game
  • does not need a naval component
  • a topic I already have a grip on
  • involves areas that I am likely to use for future campaigns.
Indeed, I could start with the area around Metz and the  few days around the battles of Mars-la-Tour, then expand it.

Other choices would be specific campaigns from one of the Silesian wars; but they have widely dispersed but strongly interconnected factors in play.

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